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Gawd, you old farts are all the same. Yeah, my perfect solution is to get (another) set of HID headlights, preferably attached to an A8 or S8. Not in the budget right now. And if you are referring to the ricer "HID Conversion Kits", shame on you. They scatter light like a mofo, don't they? Different focal point on the bulbs?! Plus, the original housings barely withstood the heat of the OE H7 & 9003s! HIDs would leave a puddle of polycarbonate!

But thanks for the suggestions. food for thought. I just wanna see pics of a B5 with some 12" HID Hella Rallye 100000s fitted into the grille! (I made those up, but you know what I mean).
For a while I pursued W8 HIDs but for the price of a used pair (and the arguably requisite leveling system) I could buy another car!

Thanks again,
(Fellow old fart, who still feels 18)
If you pursued W8 bi-xenons, then are you looking for B5.5 solutions? Us "old farts" know keen tricks. B5.5 projectors work wonderfully with H7 HID conversions, provided your adjusters are in working order and you can operate them to "tune" your aim once they are installed. 4000K 55W throw light down range brilliantly. Replace your hi beam bulbs with Sylvania Silverstar Ultra White Halogens, and you'll have the best road going lighting available without extra fixtures, switches and wiring. Total investment? Under $100 and a couple hours of tinkering.

The cut off is focused enough that when I dialed them in, I was illuminating street signs on my side of the center line several blocks away, while the oncoming lane remained in shadow (from stepped cutoff.)

The bug-eyed rally lights look would be cool, but the lines and grille of the sleek B5.5 would be hard to compliment with any add on light sources. Just my 2¢.
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