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I'm looking to paint my engine covers with high heat paint. What kind of prep do I need to do to ensure that the paint sticks to the plastic? Anybody with experience?
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rwaller71 said:
I just finished painting my engine covers, and I'm going to remove the rear badge to "paint" the gray area. My question is (with the right amount of coverage over the trunk) can that area be painted with a spray can or do I need to purchase black touch up paint?
This guy does...

Jimmy :)
Thanks I'll send him a PM.
Hey man, clean ur cover's w/ Laquer thinner and get the new Krylon Fusion paint. That shit kicks ass, i just Joey Modded my Headlights with it and it dries Fast, and doesn't crack... It can bend and it has a high resistancy to heat. You don't have to sand, or Prime anything w/ this paint... it holds right to the plastic. heres a pic of my headlights:

if u want more just ask
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That is high heat resistant for under the hood? I don't want the paint to wear.
yup... the guys at ace said it was b/c i knwo the headlights get extremely hot as well. If nothing else i have heard that brake caliper paint works really well.
All I did was wash all the plastic parts with soap and water... After it dried, I used Dupli-Color Engine Enamel (500 degree) from Auto Zone... I popped the vw badge on the main engine cover, then painted all the caps... The key is washing with soap and water, and if necessary lightly sand everything to get the perfect finish. Check my page out in Members directory
Search the forums for Jesstzn's guide. Dee's method works great!
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