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anybody seen oil pan gasket leaks on 1.8T ?

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99 1.8T, 96K miles. I'm seeing a fair amount of engine oil leaking down around the right back side of the engine. It's all over the tranny (tiptronic) cooling fins, and is getting blown back on the underbelly of the car for a few feet.

My first guess was valve cover or cam seals. I degreased the top end, and haven't seen much wetness there for a few days now.

My next guess was the rear main crank seal. I got under there with a light and tried to peek into the bell housing. Nothing inside looks wet - just the outside.

My current guess is the oil pan gasket, since the pan is pretty wet on the right side. Of course the pan will probably be wet no matter what's leaking, since it's down at the bottom...

- Curtis
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well i have the same problem, you mean the right side(pasenger side) of the oil pan? thats where mine is. its wierd since it only leaks from around thats side and not the other side :weirdo: i have 100k miles on mine and have been meaning to change it out. i do the work myself but havent checkd for prices, procedures etc. but it doesnt look too difficult.....
Ive had that problem for a while. Ive had the gasket for about a year now and still havent changed it.
Alfredo -

Yeah right side as in passenger side. Could be misleading though, cuz nearly everything that leaks oil on the 1.8T seems to come from the right side.

I guess an oil pan gasket and a few minutes of my time is worth trying. If I start systematically replacing seals/gaskets, I'll eventually get it nailed. Might as well start with the easy ones...

- Curtis
cwitt said:
Alfredo -

I guess an oil pan gasket and a few minutes of my time is worth trying.
- Curtis
I heard you have to drop the subframe to get to a couple bolts. Thats whats holding me back from doing it myself.
same problem, and yea, dropping the subframe isnt too appealing to me. that and im still nder warranty.
Ugh. Drop the subframe eh? I'll see if I can rig up some sort of McGyver-do-it-yourself-in-the-garage type solution. Will post back if I figure it out.

- Curtis
If you're still under warranty, have the dealer do it!

For those that want to get at the pan gasket on the 1.8T I have the procedure. If I owned a car with 50k+ miles, I would replace the oil pump while I was there. $190

It is an all day procedure and involves placing the bumper in the service position, lifting the engine AND dropping the subframe. You'll need ramps or good jack-stands that can hold the car up at the rails without damaging them.

Before doing a pan gasket make sure you've run down every other possibility. Use lots of degreaser all over the engine and get it squeaky clean. Then watch where the oil leaks from. It could very well be on the left side of the engine (oil breather hose/PCV area) and because of the angle of the engine it seeps to the right rear. It can also be cam seals or valve cover. Again, run down every other possibility before doing the pan. It isn't for the faint hearted!
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