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any one use or know about the giac flashloader 100 octane pc16 tune? and track times

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Any one have info on the giac flashloader? And info about the pc16 100 octane file? I'm lookin to take my car to 1/4 mile track and want the best I can get to beat my buddies 14 second cobalt ss. Any one take theirs or have an estimate of what to expect even with the regular 93 octane pc 16? And whatt about 0 to 60 times?

I have put almot evything I could in thecar so far.

Borg warner K04,
Catless turboback exhaust,
Fmic with hard pipes,
Upgraded dv,
Apr Turbo inlet pipe,
034 Intake manifold spacer,
Custom heatshield,
Aem 6inch dryflow with vibrant velocity stack,
13 lb flywheel with rs4 clutch,
034 street density tranny mounts,
Apr sub mount,

I've heard of 14.5 with just the regular k04 file and no listed mods . I'm guesing it should be a lot better with injectors and pc16 plus al other mods...
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I didn't know there were various octane versions of the PC16 file. Maybe contact someone at GIAC and see what they say.


It sounds like the flashloader the GIAC Software Serial Suite are something a GIAC dealer buys so they can install the product on customers cars.
When igot my car tuned the guy at the sop told me they have the flashoaders with vallet and "stock" (biger njectors so can't go legit stock. But stock power output" and the100 octane race version. I read somewere on the audi forums about it also. But not much info.

And this guy (3rd down from top down ) suposivly hit 13.7 with the pc 16... but he said 440c injectors?
APR has switchable tunes like that. I never heard about GIAC offering that function.

If he's running 440cc injectors on a PC16 he's also got some modifications not listed. I'm guessing oversized MAF housing? This tune runs on the rich side as is. Going to 440's without making changes to fire them properly would drown the engine.
I did talk to the giac dealer before and got a brochure on it. It had the df options like apr but it was from giac. It was 150 or 200$. And had a bunch of optons. But I have n.o iea if they realy have it for the pc 16
Talked to giac dealer a few days ago and they called giac and got back to me today on this. And they do have a 100 octane race file pc16. A luttle more b oost and timing according to them. 150$ for the flashloader device to be able to switch between. 100$ for the race file. And 90$ for installing. So it would be 340. And if I want to add a stock like tune its $50. And a demobilizer for $50 more.

The dealer owner used to run this race file and said it was definitely stronger and he got better times.

Im going to track I n a few weeks. If I can afford this im gunna try it out
A 100 oct version of that file along with a water/meth injection system would probably be a nice combo.

What's the de-mobilizer option all about?
Well I dont rember exatly what he called it. But its a kill switch type so you couldnt even start the car with the key unless switched back
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