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A darn long way from me but this is a link to the area.
The wagon looks nice, I would not be surprised if the owner is a member on here.
Reallllly want this wagon, the guy won't tell me what the reserve is.
What do you guys think it's worth?

Linky to area,-97.270203&spn=14.541571,29.882813&z=5&om=1

Wagon details..
Wonderful Passat wagon

perfect conditions OEM fully loaded plus extra features like:

Multi Function Display with GPS DVD-MP3 reader (TV ready)

Special Wheels 8.5x19" with tires 245/35 zr 19 with only 2500 miles

Special Brakes

H&R Springs

Tinted windows

Full serviced & still under Manufacturer Warranty until Aug 2009!!!!

I'm thinking it would be nice to get it under 20K but who knows. The reserve might be more than that.
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