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vbora you are mostly correct. but its complicated.

You can do it on a B5. but you will need to use the vds-pro software (free dos application) which will only work with a vag-com cable with a serial (not usb) interface and obviously some means of booting to a dos instance. the vds pro website will tell you what values you need to change for your specific CCM version. the B5s came with one of several different CCMs and each one uses different memory addresses for these settings.

for a B5.5 you can use vds-pro (with serial cable only) or another free app (which runs on windows) that works with USB cables and does this automatically. I haven't looked too deeply but my guess is that they standardized the memory addresses on all b5.5 CCMs or they only used a single CCM version. the windows app that works with USB cables will supposedly support B5 CCMs in the upcoming paid release, but they've been saying that since the last time I looked into this a year ago.

if and when I get a hold of a serial cable I'd be willing to pass it around to anyone else with a B5 who is interested.
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