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Another P0299 thread. Please help!!!

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Picked up a 2008 Passat 2.0t fsi with 166k miles. It has been neglected for some time and I am trying to get it roadworthy again. Here's what I've done so far:

1) Replaced the HPFP and cam follower. The cam follower in the car was completely worn though and spring was floating in the cam chain cover.
2) Replaced the DV valve. The original rubber seal was torn
3) Replaced the Boost Solenoid valve (N75).
4) Checked cam tensioner....all good.
5) New plugs
6) Removed valve cover. Cleaned all oil residue and resealed the baffle covers.
7) Changed oil.
8) Replaced temperature sensor.

I am still getting P0299 code. I have checked the waste gate arm and it is intact and the waste gate shaft feels nice and snug. I can turn the waste gate and open it but it does take some force. I can feel springs in the actuator pressing it to close. I am also finding a lot of oil in the intercooler piping on both sides of the intercooler. I cleaned the right side a few days ago and drove it only to find more oil back it after driving only a few miles.

1) Can a bad PVC allow all the oil to get in to the intercooler? The PVC valve currently installed is Rev P. I took it of and can blow in to each opening the valve seems to be working.
2) Can a bad PVC cause P0299 low boost. This car is getting 0 boost as it is slow and struggles at all RPM's.
3) What are symptoms of bad turbo oil seals?

I am going to rig up some tubing and pressure check the turbo piping and intercooler. Hoping to find a leak somewhere. Did I possibly get a bad DV? Hoping its not the turbo itself....

Any thought/input would be appreciated!!!
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Follow up: I removed the turbo charger yesterday. Its toast. Went to scrap yard and removed one off a 2007 wagon. It looks good....bearings and shaft feel nice and tight. Will install and report back. Also found my oil pump was shot too. Luckily the oil pump was good on the wagon as well!!!
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