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99' Black V6 Passat.
My first car.
86k miles.
5spd manual.
Pictures soon.

LAST but not LEAST (Yes that is me, and yes i suck)

Yes big improvement from the pictures down below.

So far on my car i have
`clear corners
`clear sidemarkers
`18x7.5 Flik Wasps
`Neuspeed Springs
`Koni Shocks
`Zender (Replica) Rear Spoiler
`30V Badge
`Everything else Debadged
`3A Fog lights
`Hella Projectors
`Kamei Grill
`Different Antenna

cant think of anything else.

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More Pictures yay.

First picture is my B5 and a WRX. And the second picture is my B5 debadged after coming home from Ejbende2.8's house. And the picture where it looks like the rim is on. It is. but just not tightened. dont tell me i need suspension. i already know.

Here is what happened with rims. Yes they are Flik Wasps. Ok i look in my little pouch thing that is supposed to be in my trunk and im missing a piece. The piece that helps you make the thing level incase you get a flat. Ok. Then the tool that we used to tighten the Wasps on the B5 didnt exactly go deep enough. It was 10 o clock at night so there was nothing we could do. And those lug nuts on the stock rims were impossible to take off. As you can see my dad was jumping and stomping on it to make it loose. Oh well im just venting because my rims arent on.
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