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The air conditioning in my 2013 Passat start failing a couple of months ago. The original symptom was that the air conditioning temperature took some four minutes to start cooling, after it did it the temperature was fine.
A technician replaced the expansion valve, and the symptoms were inverted. Now, when starting the car, the temperature was cold, but after 10 minutes driving it will start blowing warm air.
I took the car back to the technician and he installed the a new air compressor; symptoms stayed the same, cool at the start and warm later.
Back to the technician, he replaced the Ambient Air Temperature Sensor, the symptom improved a bit. Now I can drive some 20 minutes before it start blowing warm air again.
The air conditioning could be cooling fine (inside the 20 minutes window), but if I turn off the car and start it again it will be blowing warm.
I also noticed that if I press the inside cabin recycling button (change from outside to inside) it will stop cooling too,.
Suggestion before I take the car back to the technician?
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