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Air bag light

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Yesterday morning my air bag light came on and didnt go off. What does this mean? How can I fix it?
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Help please is the bag going to go off?
I wish I could help you, cuz I'm sure that's pretty scary. You're probably not getting any replies because people are nervous about giving advice in a potentially dangerous situation. You should probably drop in a VW shop asap. Good luck and be safe.
Had mine come on after I disonnected the 32 pin connector behind the instrument cluster.

Turned out to be the air bag control module and it took FOREVER for the dealership to fix (car was still under warranty).

A couple of people with VAG's were a little scared to try and access the air bag with it.
dont worry it won't go off. just dive a bit safe until you get it VAGed or to the dealer.
My neighbor just had this problem. There is so much stuff wiring tied into all this stuff. His car was in the shop for a month till they found the problem it was a wire somewhere he did not say exactly where. There are even wires under the seat that are tied into the system.
Good luck!
I do have a vag com, how could I use it to fix it?
Dealer time. Mine went on while on a trip and I had a local dealer check it out to make sure it was safe to rive home. Turned out to be a contact ring on the steering column which I had taken care of at home. I wouldn't trust anyone but a dealer with the air bag. HTH!
Mine was on for a while 6 months or so ago. Eventually had local shop check the code. Don't remember what it was (intermittent contact maybe), but they cleared it and it hasn't returned.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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