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Hello passat world. I was interested in doing a coil conversion of my budget build 99' passat. All the info I found i was not impressed with and went about doing it my own way.

There are only 2 things i would change about how i did it. But like i said im on a budget here and one thing would have cost $30 and would have only made it look niceer. And the other would have cost me about $20.00 more. That one i kind of regret. And may change in the future.

But if anyone is still interested in doing this mod i could make/write up a noce how to, or even sell you a custom plug n' play wiring harness. Yours could look cleaner than mine. In fact if i sold them i would make then different than mine so they have the cleanest look possible.

Everthing thing i found called for getting a harness from a newer vw and cutting and splicing wires requireing the use of crimp connectors, soldering, or shring wrap. And to me that just leaves room for things to fail and doesnt look all that clean. That or buying a $250 premade harness that in my opinion looked horrible

I almost bought a uses harness from a local scrap yard that would habe let me go pull it and take it home for 10 bucks. Luckily the three cars they had rhe harness was gone. Because it lead me to make my own harness from scratch. A harness with no splices and plugs into the harness from the car. I could plug all the old equiptment right back in if i wanted to remove the swat to use on another car.

The only issue i ran into while doing this was that 2 pins came dammaged from the plug i bought. So i had to use a jumper wire temporarily (grounds) untill i receive new pins in the mail. So i have not yet cleaned up that area of the install.

I could have purchaced wires colored exactly to what the stock harness had. But it would have cost a bit more. Mine is still color coded simmilar to what the stock harness is but my wires do not have tracers on them.

So if anyone would like a diy write up on how i accomplushed this. What i would have done differently, or wants to purchace either just a wiring harness, or a complete swap kit (which is sold no where!) Let me know.

I have attached a couple teaser photos below.

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Yes! Absolutely do a writeup if you can. People now and looking it up in the future will benefit from your research and development.

There are two grounds in the ignition system. One is the trigger signal ground and the other is the coil primary circuit ground. These two should be kept separate and grounded to the car in different places. If tied together the louder one can step on the quieter one and cause problems. On the stock ignition, the center brown wire on the 5-wire side of the ICM is one of the grounds. The brown/green wire (I forget which pin) going to all four coil connectors is the other ground.
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