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Advice sought on Passat trade in value

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Seeking the advice from the CB5 collective.

I worked with a local dealer today about trading in my 02, V6 GLS 5sp, for the new 1.8t 5sp 4motion. According to Edmunds, the trade in value is about $14,900. After negotiation, the dealer offered 12,000, (the first dealer I went to offered only 10,900) which is slightly more than kelly blue book (11,600). I understand that if I trade in, for the "convenience" of the dealer selling the car from profit, I would lose some value as a trade in, however, I was not expecting something that low.

my car is in very good condition, I have had sofsport and bilstein shocks installed. Even the dealer said they wanted the car. Hoever, the reason they could not offer me more is because they go by blue book price.

They explained to me why edmunds is not accurate, that they are basing their pricing on Northeast market conditions and not reflect west coast market conditions, etc.

Should I accept the trade in value for my car from this dealer, or try to sell it on my own? If I sell on my own, do I trust Edmunds pricing for a private sale, or is that price overinflated and I would never be able to sell at that price?

mucho thanks for help. :thumbup:

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how many miles, which options on your trade?

I assume you are paying no more than invoice - $3k for the new one, correct?
It has 41500 miles on it. There were no additional features like luxury or leather package, other than Monsoon. It was jsut a straight GLS 5sp with V6 engine.

the price the dealer offered me on the new car is near invoice, a little more than 1000 less than the TMV pricing ont eh Edmunds website.
I don't mean to offend but I am curious why you want to trade in your 02 V6 for a 4cyl 04? I see your location is in San Diego, do you really need 4 Motion? I live in an area where we see snow covered roads 4-5 months a year and my 03 Variant FWD does just fine. I have always wondered why 4wd was suddenly a requirement on so many cars. Especially on a car with less than 200HP. For me the 3 days a year where 4 motion would really be useful was not worth the tradeoff for the rest of the year. The negatives of 4 motion are increased weight, increased driveline losses, more potential wear items as car ages, decreased fuel economy and performance, decreased trunk capacity.

Question #2: Is the 1.8T 4 motion a slug? I find my stock 1.8T Variant 5 speed wagon has adequate power but not lots. I would think saddling that low torque engine with hundreds of extra pounds in driveline weight plus friction losses would add up to a slow car. How does the 1.8T 4 motion drive? Is it slow?

Again not intended these ?'s are not intended to bash just curious why 4 motion is desireable in San Diego? Aside from the 4 motion the 2004 isn't giving you a whole lot over your 02. If it was me I would drive your 02 into the ground (sounds like it is a nice ride) and spend all that extra dough that the dealer is going to take from you on a nice motorcycle. Another idea might be to drive the 02 another year or two until the new B6 debuts.
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If they're offering more than KBB, you're doing pretty darn well. Trade-in is always a rip-off, especially now when there's a glut of good used cars on the market. If you're really worried about +/- $1000 on what they're offering for trade-in, you already lost several times more than that on depreciation. If you want to buy a different kind of car, getting rid of the car by trading it in would make more sense to me.
That "East Coast v. West Coast" pricing the dealer is saying sounds like a flaming bag of crapola to me. IIRC, Edmunds pricing takes local market conditions into account when you enter your zip code.

I wonder if maybe the lower trade-in price for your V6 GLS reflects some sort of lower consumer interest in the V6 GLS v. GLX, or that V6 buyers would be looking for leather? Does it have the sunroof?

Just a thought.
thanks for the replies guys.

1. I thought about a AWD model because I've had my eyes on Audi for a while, and if they have AWD on their higher end models, why not treat myself to it.

2. Probably not beneficial in San Diego, but I want it just for the cool factor.

3. I know the motor is smaller, but I plan to chip it. According to my research, weight difference is 200lb heavier for AWD, but with the chip upgrade, the power levels would bring it back to "normal". I'm sure that the extra torque would move it around just fine.

4. first years a car debuts, there is generally some bugs, and recalls associated with it. from what I understand, especially German cars. 04 passat, i would think woudl be reliable, just like my 02 has been.

5. I did not believe the east vs west coast reasoning, but there can't also be "lowered interest" in my market area for teh car, becuase even KBB lists in at 17000.

6. I'm also letting them keep their brand new wheels and rims, becuase i'm keeping mine on the potential new car. that in itself should get me more value on my trade.

7. antoher question I had: do you guys think that it's worthwhile to try to sell the car on my own, and get near 14000 or above? I'm also weighing in time and inconvenience of that.

thanks again. :)
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they've now offered and extra grand! now I know for sure they can at elast come close to Edmunds.

please let me know any other thoughts, I apprecieate it. it gives me ideas and gives me things to think about.
Whose guide does the delaer use for pricing?
Mine uses Galves - and to go info online, you gotta pay.
KBB is always a bit high; Edmunds seems more realistic.
Of the total loss on a two year old car doesn't bother you, then an extra grand or so shouldn't either. If it does .. then is it the right deal for you?
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