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Hi Guys

Im in the purchasing stage of a 2011 Passat 1.8TSI DSG Comfortline. Car is in prestine condition and has just under 95000KM and has VW motor plan to 100000KM.

This is the problems is just before we can pick up the car, the car went for its 80 point check, The guys picked up a battery problem there after an Alternator problem. I waited a week and a half for the repair job. Now they told me The timing chain and tensioner needs to be replaced as the timing chain slipped. Now IS this signs of a bad engine? Do i still go ahead and purchase this vehicle?

Also please can any VW Techs advise me if i do take this vehicle what other parts MUST get changed or What must be checked before the motor plan ends. I will taking a warranty plan but its not the best.

Thanks Guys... Your feedback is highly appreciated


Edit - Just found out the ECU was changed and the car was miss firing. i think its leading to the timing chain and tensioner. They dont know if the valves has been damaged. Can i claim for a new engine to be installed as they are taking too long to diagnose the problem?
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