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Adjusting ride height on my KWV1s for the first time...Please help!

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Hey dudes,

I am adjusting my coils for the first time tommorow and I want to make sure I get this right. Can you all help me with these questions:

Do I turn the perches counterclockwise to lower and clockwise to raise? And, this should be the same on all 4 corners right?

Last, how tight do I tighten the screw on front coils to keep the perches in place? And, how will I know it's tight enough, any tips?

Thanks guys!

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i hate to be the "read the instructions" guy...

jack up the car and grab the collar and turn it. that's how you find out.

as far as tightening the collar, use an allen wrench and tighten it down to hand tight. dont over wrench it.
Right to left on the outside to lower. All 4 will be the same.
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