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Adding sub to monsoon?

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Ok I want to put a 12inch JL Audio sub push by an 300w power acustic amp with the monsoon system. Question I have is will it sound good and is there any way to take the bass out of my mids. Also if anyone would like to give me some other sub/amp options, they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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I have the monsoon speakers in my 99 w/ a 10"alpine type R and the Monsoon mids/highs are perfect! they sound great... Granted i have an Alpine CDA-7893 Head unit and can control them 20,000 times better.... are u plannin on upgrading ur head unit? you should to be able to control these things a lot more. Plust, the stock amp that pushes the monsoon mid's and highs rocks... hope this helps..
Well, it can be done...

If you're keeping the stock HU, you'll need what's called an LOC (line-out converter). You normally wire this in behind the HU and run your RCAs from there to the amp in the back. However, since you have the Monsoon system, you can wire the LOC in at the monsoon amp, if you're up to it (you'd basically tie into the wires coming from the HU to the monsoon amp; there's a wire schematic floating around on the forums... do a search for it). You'll also need power and ground (I suggest 8awg minimum, but if you ever plan on a 4-channel for front/rear's, you should go ahead and run 4awg... it should be no more than $1.75/ft at a local audio shop; there's also a thread for running the power wire floating around as well!) You'll also need a remote wire... you can tie this in at the monsoon amp... not sure which one it is, but I know it can be done. If it's your first time doing an install, it should take you about 3-5 hours.

I'm not a big fan of JL subs... but if you're working in a budget, it'll work fine. You may want to look into the 1000w JBL 10", or maybe even the 1200w, also the Alpine TypeR will SLAM in a ported box... but its a bit more money than the JL.

stranded... you running your TypeR sealed or ported? what kinda amp you running?
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hey Clark,

I have a 10" alpine type R in a ported box. It is insanely loud. originally i only wanted a little more bump to hit w/ my rock and i got more than i bargained for, lol... I have a 250 watt DIRECT competition amp pushing it. at a comp in daytona i outbumped two 12" rockford HE2's... he was pissed, lol. But yea, the alpines are a bit more expensive but shit, i've seen adds for 2 10"s in a box for 150 bucks on ebay.
I hear ya... have you seen the new TypeX sub? That thing is badass! But yeah, I thought bout puttin the TypeR's in the passat, but I decided to go with two JBL 1000w's... still waitin for them to come in though (I got a hookup at a local audio shop @ $50 ea :D)
Damn, nice... i havent' heard the Type X but from what i heard they were expensive as shit! oh well. NIce hook up man, lol.
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