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So the last 15 or so years there's always been an Audi or VW in my possession. Well the addiction has grown finally to include a 2003 Passat GLX wagon that I picked up yesterday for my daughter. I'd post pics but wouldn't you know I'm stuck at work. It needs a few interior parts but other than that it's a strong runner and everyone else in the family approves, so much that my MIL has acquired it for the time being until my kid gets her learner's permit next month. :nervous:

This now makes 4 VW/Audi products in the stable! Along with the Passat are a 04 R32 with an HPA FT450 setup, 2011 Touareg TDI Sport, and a 2013 allroad. Don't think I'm going to be able to break the addiction any time soon, as my other daughter will be driving sometime next year and wants a Jetta...
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