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I have an early model 2001 Passat 2.8L V6 ATQ Engine just reached 200K miles. I want to change over to full synthetic mobil 1 high mileage 10W-40. It is due for an oil change soon (500 miles), but before hand I wanted to clean up the engine a bit. I drained the oil a qt and replaced the oil filter with a clean one. I added a qt of Marvels Mystery oil and topped it off with regular conventional oil that i use. After a few trips I noticed a slight lifter tick :banghead: (not bad) at cold start up. After the engine warms up a bit it's gone. Should I dump this oil before things get worse or is it ok to continue running with this additive? I have another 500 miles to go before the oil change is due. I just thought it would be better to clean the engine a before changing over to synthetic
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