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Adam - Rillton(near Pittsburgh), PA

My Passat B5:
-Late Production Year 2000 GLS
-1.8t: engine code ATW
-manual tran.
-Royal Green
-Black leather
-Cold weather package

Current mods:
-APR chipped v3.0
-APR snub mount
-UUC short shift kit
-Audi 225tt DV
-Momo shift knob
-Greddy Turbo Timer 3
-S2000 antenia
-Some ice
-APR rollcontrol springs
-Bilstein adjustable shocks
-FK Angel Eyes
-European bumper and door moldings
-Borbet Type E powdercoated satin black
-Kamei replica spoiler
-Kamei grill
-Eurospec lightened flywheel and upgraded clutch

Next to be installed
-Chinese spec fogs and grill


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Re: Adam Zawalsh - Rillton(near Pittsburgh), PA (podunk-b5)

I'm in Greensburg a couple of times a week and noticed fx-motorsports opened recently. Always a collection of slick VWs parked outside. Think I even saw your green B5. Nice.

Will need to get my new suspension installed soon, so I may stop by fx for some eurotuning expertise.

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Re: Adam Zawalsh - Rillton(near Pittsburgh), PA (wonderchimp)

Hey we should try to get together sometime. I live about an hour south of the Burgh but im up there often. Im a college student at WVU and i work weekends but if you guys would want to gtg im sure i can find the time if you can!
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Alright man glad to see you have a page:thumbup: As always great looking ride :icon_eek: :icon_eek: :icon_eek: :icon_eek: :icon_eek: How do you like the new flywheel????? I will have to give you a ring here now college is out for winter

One more time, and I'm outta here
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Adam, nice pixs before we got 8" of white crap covering the ground. I bet that makes pulling up or down your diveway that much more fun.

Anyways, your ride is looking good.
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