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Closed: THOR Skid Plate GB

UPDATE: 9.12.2012

Closing the GB everyone. Happy :wrench:ing!

UPDATE: 6.19.2012

Only 4 orders have been placed for the skidplate since 5.16.12. Remember everyone, if you get it straight from EI it's $250+shipping (~$30). Aaannndd...EI is no longer doing GBs for their skidplate. This TRULY is the last time we'll get ANY discount on this great part.

I got a call from Aaron at BP and they're wrapping up the sale for our GB. He'll hold out a little longer for us to get more orders in. But definitely get it done this week if you can. If you're in a tight spot financially, PM me and i'll see if Aaron can hold one for you at our GB price even if they've changed the price on their website. So hit me up as soon as you read this! =]

THANK YOU to those who've already ordered!! I hope you guys enjoyed the :wrench: as much as I did!

UPDATE: 5.16.2012

This GB is officially ACTIVE! Details below:

1. Order Here: B5/B5.5 Thor Skid Plate. Make sure to include "Forum: PassatWorld" in the comments section at checkout!

2. Price is $233 + FREE SHIPPING to anywhere US/CAN(HST applies to CAN orders). Sorry shipping discounts.

3. Shipping lead time is 10 days from today.

4. They're only taking the first 25 orders starting TODAY 5.16.2012 for the price listed above. After that, who knows? SO GO GET YOURS NOW!!

*Note to Mods: will not take a single lump sum payment for the GB. They will process all the orders individually (GB Forum Rule #4).

Interesteds as of 5.8.12

1. tw1n2nak3s
2. TRyanC
3. keithwbloom
4. shaggy1071
5. KellyF
6. japanada
7. Jmacc
8. radiosplace
9. Mozzy
10. radhoo
11. frusurf
12. SleeperWagon
13. Cuban0826
14. godsspeed
15. 1.8dubt
16. bob20124
17. MontereyDave
18. skf7980
19. edcollado2
20. beaumisbro
21. Axle2234
22. thagooch72
23. open
24. open
25. open

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Interested, but if anybody within an hour or two of Atlanta gets one, I'll buy your stock belly pan from you. That's probably all I need. Car isn't lowered or anything. If not, I'm probably up for a Thor if the price is right
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