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45141 B&M short shifter for $170 Shipped and insured.

Finally I got to better supplier than on the other feeler.

We dont need min. number of buyer, this is deal for passatworld members.
Just email me paypal, and the shifter will be shipped next day.

GB end date: March 15 2006

Some datails:

A B&M Short Throw Shifter is a direct, bolt-on, self-contained unit. When you buy a B&M Short Throw Shifter, along with the complete shifter unit, you get explicit installation instructions. Installation usually takes about 30 minutes with nothing more than ordinary hand tools
  • Offers a dramatic improvement in shifting performance due in large part to reduced shifter travel, or "shift throw".
  • Shift throw refers directly to actual physical travel of the shifter stick - thus affecting the time it takes to shift from one gear to another (see illustration). In a performance situation, the additional seconds (or fractions of a second) a factory stock shifter takes to go from one gear to another can result in slower elapsed times - or just a sluggish feeling when driving around town. A B&M Short Throw Shifter eliminates that sluggish feeling in a daily driver, and gives the racer an extra edge.
  • B&M has been in the shifter technology business for almost 50 years. No one has as much time invested in the research, development and practical application of shifter/transmission performance than B&M. If you want a half-century of experience behind you and your vehicle's shifter

Reduced 32/43/55%
Adjustable throw reduction
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