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Hi, I was given a 2007 Passat 2.0T and the air con is not working. Here is what I know already -

The system has been vacuumed down and recharged correctly with zero leaks

The gauges show that the compressor is not compressing with no build up of pressure on the high side and a pressure drop on the low side

I have tested the pressure switch by the right headlamp and have battery voltage, earth and a signal approximately 4.5 volts

I have tested the connection to the compressor solenoid and have an earth and a signal reading approximately 4 volts

The fans do not kick on with the AC and only with engine temperature rising

All the controls in the dash 'appear' to work

If I apply battery voltage to the compressor solenoid I hear a 'click' coming from the solenoid but not sure if 4 volts is correct.

Any help to prevent me wasting money on an incorrect diagnosis would be really helpful.
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