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I've read many posts regarding replacing the main serpentine belt in these forums, and nearly all have said what a P.I.T.A. removing/replacing the AC compressor belt. After experiencing the same, I have a simple solution, it works, is tested, and I highly recommend it.


My story:

The one that I fought like hell to put on in 2020 was a 4PK855, as called for as the spec replacement. I did manage, somehow, to get it on, and had to remove it last week to replace my Main Serpentine belt. Fought like hell AGAIN to get it off, spent 10 minutes (tops) replacing the Main belt (simple to do, just really tight quarters to fiddle through.), and tried for over an hour to get the AC belt back on. No dice. It was getting dark, so I gave up. Went a few days without AC, tried again yesterday after work, no luck. It was just too damned tight to fit. So, I went to Autozone and told the good gentleman I needed the next size up. After some searching and comparing, he gave me the 4PK860 belt. It literally is just large enough to put the old belt inside of it. Maybe a centimeter longer? Anyway, I went home, got the Passat back up on the ramps, and less than 5 minutes later, had the AC belt on, tightened properly, and then tested it on a quick drive around the neighborhood. No squeeks, no errant noise, PLENTY OF COLD AIR.

Happy Motoring!

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