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when I start car, nothin is wrong.
but all of sudden abs and brake warning light comes out and start beeping "bbeep bbeep bbeep" huck~ :(

problems is! RPM suddenly drops all the way to the 0 and don't work after that. :crazy:

nothin is wrong with the car!!! brake works fine no brake oil leaking

also stupid engine oil icon comes out and beep making same beeping sound. and oil is enough!! :cry:

what the hell is wrong with my car? :mad:
anyone have similar experience...? :???:


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redb5sdca said:
pretty common on 98 's

It is only a 900 dollar dealer part . as much as I don't like being the bearer of bad news I am.
I WISH it was only $900...I have seen the dealer "list" price go from ~ $300 a few years ago (new "B" or "P" models IE the defective units) to ~ $900 last year (for the updated "F" and "Q" units) to ~ $1600 recently - for the same bloddy part! Can you say profiteering?

Wish I had purchased a new one back when they were cheap for insurance :roll:

My local stealer's parts driver told me they are delivering 4-5 modules a week to shops, that's not counting the jobs they do in house.

Calls to AudiUSA and VWoA customer care got me nowhere, even though they confirmed via my VIN that the scheduled maintenance had been taken care of they were unable (or unwilling) to cover the repair - same story about the 'vin specific' and 'no recall now' and 'we can't say this will change'.

I'm holding out for a used "Q" model at the junkyards, and will save the defective unit for the hopefully not too far in the future recall.

BE SURE to log a complaint at the NHTSA site ( and you might as well call VW to let them know how you feel.
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