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About to do my 1st timing belt...

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I am going to order the ECS kit...
Me and a bro in law are going to tackle this in a week or two.

Question: the Haynes manual says I need a radio code to "unlock" the security function after disconnecting the batt..where do I find this code? I have the manuals but no numbers.

2000 variant 1.8t atw eng.
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Check the spare tire well. The radio code should be on a sticker there. The dealer is supposed to peel it off and put it in one of the manuals as part of dealer prep, but in practice it often isn't done.

Not that it's good practice, but I did my timing belt without disconnecting the battery. Good luck, hope all goes well.
I was under the impression that you should only need the radio code if you change the radio.
For the 2000,you do not need to recode the radio. It does it automatically. All of the stations will be there also.
sweet. so Im assuming 2000+ is the same as well?
my 2000 loses its memory and locks after the battery was dissconected

you just have to have the code its not a big deal

and if you dont have it you can get your vin and take it to a dealer and they will tell you the code ( i know reall secure)
there is a write up some where on how to make a plug that does into the cig lighter that you attach a 9v to and it keeps your memory and everything
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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