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I have a new key fob I picked up for cheap recently, but I need the key "blade" cut to match my current key / remote that works. I already have the new key blank from when I was messing with the Audi because the pivot portion of the Audi fob was broken, and I bought the entire key end of the fob to replace the pivot. Didn't need the key blank...I'm having a hard time finding anyone who will mill the key for me that doesn't charge near to over $100. I just talked to one shop that wanted $180 and I had to buy a fob from them to transfer the chip and transponder etcetera from my current fob. (Uh Huh...NOPE)

The new remote has all identical numbers on the circuit board except one variation. The largest (font?) number on the board of my remote that works is 1701M, and the number on the new remote is 4901M. Is there going to be a programming issue here?.

I know there are these "KeyMe" kiosks all over the place, but none near me. Has anyone here ever used one of those to get an HU66 HAA key cut?.

I sure do wish I wouldn't have sold that mill I used to have...

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Hit up Matt Litke. He is king when it comes to this stuff. I just had 2 keys (from blank) cut by him for cheap! I think he charged me $10 per key.
I also had him fix a cluster and ECU at the same time, maybe that's why the keys were so cheap. But anyways, he's your answer.

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If you can fit it... Home Depot or Lowes has a car key cutter? I have to do the same.
I don't think they can cut these keys. Some locksmiths can. Below are two highly rated ones that a lot of the VW community uses.
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