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A6 struct brace help

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I need to find some info on where to buy and what modifications are needed to make work. Thanks.
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could always buy the version from Basically the same thing with all the modifications done for you.
It's about $86 with the CB5 discount at Drew, so it's up to you on how much you think a little cutting and drilling is. The bar is just a little too long, you just snip off the the end right before the first hole, and then redrill the hole on the other side. That's it., I don't think that's a $74 dollar job.

I know there is a write up of the install , do a search.
Gosh, what's up with the search engine,,,it's been really crappy as of late..
The search is something thats all messed up.

I need to eventually get one of these bars, been meaning to get one for the longest.
Do you have a lower bar yet? Many people recommended getting the lower bar first, gosh it I couldn't believe the difference even with stock suspension.

This thread just reminding me that I wanted to do the upper bar also, I might just buy one from Drew, do the mods/install, and post it here, since the search engine is crap. I know there was a write up, the search engine not working so irritating, I don't know, maybe I need sleep.
Thanks guys. I think I am going to get in other the lower GB and get the upper from drews.
I would like one of these too, had no idea they were only $86.00.
anyone have any pictures of one installed?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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