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A4 base price $26k

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I guess when I was lookin at cars, I didn't even consider the 1.8T Audi.

Was anyone else clueless that you could get an A4 under $30k. I think at the time, I researched only the V6 models so I knew I couldn't afford it.

I bought my passat partly for the space and the A4 is definately lacking in the rear leg room. Interesting how that is (along with the jetta) and that I can get more legroom outta a crapola compact, in the back.

Anyways, any one consider a base A4 before their passat purchase and why didn't they get the Audi? thanks
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I know I'd be looking hard at the A4 if I didn't need much room and had $26-30k to blow. It is one of the absolute best looking cars on the planet right now that actual people can buy.

Although, there are a bunch of nice cars in that price range.
If you cross shop you will find that a Subie Legacy GT 2.5 could he had for the same amount. While Subaru doesn't have the same panache, it is still a helluva car for its money, IMHO.
I brought a base 03 A4 1.8T Multitronic without any packages for CDN$34k. That's the one with very high-quality cloth seats and 15" hub caps, its still a blast to drive. I checked out Passat 1.8T when I need to upgrade from Jetta 2.0 but I don't need that much legroom in back. :thumbup:
A4 is smaller... If you match the options you got with the Passat it would probably cost alot more in the A4 version...

I know when I was looking the A4 2.8V6 Quattro was almost another $5k and that was without a navi.... at that time I could have bought a one year old S4 for the same amount as the newA4. equates to I like my Passat... as it came with options that I needed.
Another vote for the Subie. Once the B5 is paid off, the GT will be my daily driver. And I'll finally go with a bigger turbo, new paint and Votex for my baby.
I have a 1996 A4 Quattro and a front drive 2001 Passat. The A4's rear seat legroom is almost unacceptable, and the huge transmission hump makes it a 4-seater, even though it does have a center lap belt (no shoulder restraint) in back. The A4 is a foot shorter and the same width, making it a great car for urban driving and easy parking, and general zipping around town. It is also a very capable highway cruiser, and an absolute pleasure on the California Rte 73 toll road between San Clemente and Irvine -- 3 lanes each way, 65mph, rolling hills with gentle turns.
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