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A summer's 5 hours work. 56K, just please stay away.

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Started at about 12:00, finished around 5:00. Yes, it's stock, but damn, it looks good. :thumbup:

AND, I present to you the NEWEST addition to the family! :D My son's 2004 Yamaha TTR125LE (electric start, biatch!). Damn, it's quite impressive...

The crap I used...

-some generic soap, recommend me a good, foamy one!
-Mothers Back-To-Black on the, uh, black parts
-TurtleWax leather conditioner
-Armorall all over, but not too much
-WetLook on the tires
-Mothers Carnuba (did I spell that wrong?)
-a huge-ass shop-vacuum
-and me and my son's elbows. Ouch, it still hurts.
-five hours of a beautiful Saturday on the ground and soaking with freezing water

But was worth it! And I'm getting ever so close to the coilovers... I can almost taste them... and the wheels... :wink:

What do you think? Does it look good?

Also, sorry for the huge pics. I'm just messing around with the options in my camera's menu. Need to turn off the date for the next time, too.
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Looks nice and clean.

You might consider covering up your license plate #.
cleeean! :thumbup:
Thanks for reminding me Johnny... :thumbup:

And thanks for the compliments.
:thumbup: lookin clean
thats a sweet bike! i really wanna get one of those thangs
I really recommend getting a new one, but the dealer rips you off sooo much.

But the problem is, when I got my son the used one (which we traded in with days for the one you see here), the bolts were buttered, the tires and shocks were shot, grabhandles were bent, the clutch lever was broken... it was essentially going to be a money pit. So, with a new one you get a bike that's, well, new! :thumbup:

IDriveB5, I'd recommend a 250cc bike, either the Yamaha TTR250LE or the Honda CRF250. It all depends on if you ride red, or ride blue. My son switched over from a Honda XR50 we sold about a year and a half ago when he got too big for it, and got a Yamaha simply because Honda didn't have a 125 model or disk brakes for the 100 model (drums will get filled with water and grime easily). But since the Honda and Yamaha are so close in specs and size, it just depends on, I guess, what color you like more! And please, don't get a two-stroke.

Me, I ride an XR400. It's really too big. I want a new TTR250. They are very, very light.
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id just be gettting it for cruising around, i dont have a legal place to ride it anywhere near. very nice work on the car by the way
Aw, too bad. Maybe a state park? Then you'd need a trailer...

Get a dual-purpose bike, that sound like what you are talking about.

Thanks everybody for the compliments!
:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:


Rich :)
:shock: what a beautiful machine! :beer: nice, nice work... so jealous :cry:
Maklioso, you nearly made me cry... :)
looking very good and clean. :thumbup:

I still need someone to recommend a good soap! I'm nearly running out of my generic brand, and I want some nice stuff this time. :wink:
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