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A liitle bit of Swedish gas

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Well new member with a gas passat - no you heard right - gas - biogas with the 1.4 T petrol backup Engine.
It is a 2010 model bought at auction with "R" specification.

Really pleased. Started with a major hickup with faulty injector module but VW replaced them free.
Then a gas cylinder upgrade - also free. Now however age is catching up - airbag light and no steering wheel Controls - everyone seems to say coil spring - a known winter fault.
Like to try myself if I can find the part here - may have to go to Germany.

On the wrong side of 70 I would have a go - but if it lead to an air bag fault I would start cursing. Between the Devil and the Deep blue sea - should I ?

Otherwise have fun with Windows 10 - never a dull day - and playing golf, crossword puzzles.

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