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A friend's '98 1.8T won't go into gear and control arm ?s

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As the topic stated, her '98 1.8T 5 speed manual will start fine but it is unable to go into any gear (forward or reverse). She states that the trasmission is making "mechanical noises" but not grinding. Also, she has the notorious clunking and creaking of the front end at low speeds and over bumps. Any help and insight on the issues at hand is a great help.
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control arms are definitley shot but i have no idea whats goin on w/ the tranny.
Just keepin' the topic alive for debate. Thanks.
A fresh look for the evening crew...Any help is appreciated.
On the tranny, my guess is clutch or linkage. I own the Tip, but can one start a B5 in gear, but with the clutch in? Can you get it gear with the engine off, including by rocking the car back and forth?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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