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A few modifications on an AFN 110Bhp TDi

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Besides the chiptuning from 110 to 145Bhp iam preparing for a few modifications and increasing HP to approx. 175Bhp..

First i will fit an intercooler from a Mercedes Sprinter CDI, then the catalyst will be made empty, the EGR will be closed and the original Diesel injectors will be replaced with 764 injectors out of an VW T4 2.5tdi, then the chiptuning will be finetuned...

Part 1: The intercooler
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Ah, FMIC always looks like a car smiling with braces on :D I love it.
FMIC looks great, just need something to protect it now..
its an original IC from an Mercedes Sprinter Van.. the hose connection at the sides of the IC is custom made aluminium..

Next week Tuesday the new and larger diesel injectors will be fitted.
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