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A/C Compresser Module and Evaporator

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I just took my car into my local mechanic to have the A/C system fixed. I had a problem with the system working intermittently and finally it just stopped working after about a month. I figured that there was a problem with one of the electrical components; however I did not know which one. I also have a leak in the system (losing about 1 lbs. of Freon every 8 weeks) and they put dye in it to find the trouble spot.

I brought the car into the shop and it took them about 1 ½ days to diagnose the problem. Their diagnosis: The A/C compressor module (located behind the dash) failed and the leak is in the evaporator. To repair both problems the total cost for parts and labor will be around $1300. WOW!

My questions: Has anyone had anything like this happen; if so how did you fix it. Secondly, does the price seem to be on the high end? Any thoughts/comments would be helpful.
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