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'99 Passat 1.8t A/T Jerky Acceleration leads to Stalling (intermittently)

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Hey guys I am new to this forum and am currently a student @ UCI. I need some help and suggestions on how I can fix this problem on my passat.

The problem:

I just bought a '99 Passat 1.8t A/T from a mutual friend of my sister's for about $1350. (pretty good bargain I believe) I knew that it had some problems to go along with the low price but not to this extent.

The car stalls when I come to a full stop at a red light or whenever the car is basically idling in drive. The RPMs on the car dip to about 550 - 800 when I come to the stop and when I start to accelerate the car starts to jerk heavily and if the car ever jerks hard enough it ends up in a complete stall. My sister's friend (who I bought it from) said that this had only happend once but as of right now I don't really believe that.

I took it to my friend's shop and he ran an OBD II test on my car and the only code that came up was a P1127 code that read: Long Term Fuel Trim mult., Bank1 System too Rich He helped me clean out the MAF sensor and to replace the fuel filter and reset the codes. My car ran fine until the next day when I warmed up my car on the way to school. I began to rough idle and by the time I got off the freeway, (about 5 miles away) I stalled when I came to a complete stop. I then took it to another shop and the guy that was supposed to diagnose my car could not connect his code reader? to my car so at this point he couldn't even diagnose my problem. All he said to me was about the oxygen sensors being possibly faulty and something about my fuel going into the system and something not closing? (I got lost when he was explaining it to me)

My car hasen't had this problem in the past two days but when I pulled into my garage today after light driving my car started to rough idle again. It was dipping down and around 600 RPMs again and every time I accelerated it would drop to 600 and have a shake and then return to normal. (This was the same problem that would happen right before my car would jerk and stall.)

If there are any suggestions on what I might do with this car please let me know. It would be really helpful.

Thanks guys
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Welcome, maybe your maf is faulty, if you already cleaned i suggest you take a look at all vac lines and check valves, you may have a big leak somewhere..
Check this two links, they had the same problem:
Thanks for the response. I checked the MAF and the valves and I think that they are both fine. I did notice yesterday that when I was driving that my gears would get stuck for a while before changing to a higher gear. The car's seeming to have trouble changing gears and when it does it is very rough.

I am going to change the transmission oil and will post back to see the results.
a VAC leak would cause the car to run like crap all the time..not intermittently. I'd reseat/replace the MAF.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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