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I own a 1998 Passat and recently got water damage to the CCM under my drivers side as a result of water ingress ? the water completely friend my CCM as well as large amounts of corrosion to the entry points at the plugs which connect Into the CCM.

My CCM model is 1JO 959 799 K, to which I ordered a new one (double checked with VIN #) as well as about a foot and a half of wire beneath the plugs. This includes the rubber seal half way down the wire which sits in the plastic box that holds the CCM under the drivers seat. I need to splice the wiring together so the new plugs can be used.

I ordered the wiring and the plugs and when it came it seems to match every wire, except a few are missing. When I look directly at the plugs themselves one is a tan like color and one is blue; My blue plugs read 1JO 962 623 A on the old and new, and the tan ones both read 1JO 962 623 B. So these matech, and were what I used to find the part.

The problem comes on the other side of the plug. At the bottom it reads DRM2 on my old wires, and DRM4 on the new. Is this a big issue? This is the only discrepancy I can find. These cables are “supposed” to be the right ones for my CCM. I can’t find anything about this difference anywhere.

Any thoughts on a next move? I want to try and splice them above the seal, but if I mess it up I’ll have to cut below the seal and rewire the entire harness which is harder to follow the wiring.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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