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We have a ’97 Passat TDI with 46,800 miles.

Recently when starting the car, there is a buzzing/whirling noise coming from the instrument panel. It’s last for a few seconds, then stops. Car starts and runs fine, but the clock resets to 1:00, the trip meter resets to 0 miles, and there are no interior lights working. The light for open doors is a dull red.

We have had the ignition switch replaced once, but this is showing signs of flakiness again. For example, if the radio does not come on, you can jiggle the key while in the ignition switch and the radio will come on.

The check engine light is on (has been for a while) and the codes refer to the glow plugs.

Could these three symptoms be related or are we looking at an electrical/ignition switch issue and a separate glow plug issue?

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