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Yesterday I left Kentucky around 7am and drove 350 miles to Atlanta, dolly in tow. I had intended to come back with a 96 B4, but turns out the car was a 2.0 and was in even worse condition than the photos advertised. Luckily I had another car saved that was only 40 minutes away, and that's the one I brought home. This 96 B4V.

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I bought this from a guy in powder springs (some of you probably saw it on Facebook). He had worked at the local VW dealership for ten years and purchased the car from an older person who regularly brought it in for maintenance. Sadly he barely drove the car 20,000 miles before getting hit in his own neighborhood, pretty much totaling it. The left frame rail is completely wrecked, and the other side isn't too great either. The engine cranks and sounds good, but won't fire at the moment. I'm probably going to hook up VCDS and try to get it started. It also makes a pretty gnarly clacking noise when it rolls.

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So I've got three options.
1) use the white roller I have for parts and try to swap the entire front end and frame rails
2) swap the drivetrain and everything else from the B4V into my white roller and part the rest of the wagon
3) swap the drivetrain into a Ranger or Tacoma and then part the rest of the wagon. 🙃

As much as I want to save this rare and incredibly clean wagon, I'm really concerned it'll be very expensive to fix and possibly not turn out very good trying to swap frame rails. What say you all?


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