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Spacers were on my r32 for 1 day..

didnt like how they pushed my wheels was a bit too much..opted for a 5mm instead.


these are brand new box....WITH longer bolts..

yes they do fit ANY 5 bolt audi/ drilled for 5 x 112 and 5 x 100.

ECS tuning has them for 58.99 PLUS 2.50 a that comes to about 80 + shipping.

I WILL DO 80 box...10 bolts..two spacers...

please money orders (or checks..but will have to wait for it to clear)...

only...i can pm you my address.


OH, I moved to colorado!!!.yah been in colorado springs now for 3 months...still have the r32...and the gf is now driving a Subaru Legacy:)

i will post pics in showroom today!

thanks..and hope all passat owners are doing well!!
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