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5.5 Grill Question

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Anyone taken off the horizontal chrome strips on the front grill of the 5.5? I was thinking the other day it might look a bit more aggressive if there wasn't so much chrome on the front end. Dunno...just curious.

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They just clip off (you have to take the grill off the car to get to them) I've been working on painting a set and then putting them back on, but with all the rain haven't had much time to work on the project.

Other's have tho and it's looked hot.
RAIN? what the? lol its BOILING hot up here :p


but yea.. the removal of the chrome will look good, ive seen someone on the boards here that has it done
Yes, you can remove, sand, prime, and paint matte black.
It comes out looking like this, I still love the look on my Ink Blue Variant.
I left the VW logo big and chrome cuz I like it that way. :)

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cool...that looks hot...what does it look like if you just unsnap the horz chrome pieces? hmmmm....with just he chrome surround...
I did the same only I left the strip around the bottom I think it's just enough chrome. :)
Or something more agressive...

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wow, i thought i liked the b5 styling better, but without all the chrome the 5.5 looks preeeetty mean
I took out the chrome strips in my grill, sanded, primed and painted. Then, when I attempted to install, two of them snapped, so I decided to go without them.

Think what I'll do is get some black silicone and fill the gaps. That should do the trick.

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