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4x4 Stylz :P

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It started like this...

In 3 months it looked like this (at one point)...

Then I started to do this... :banghead:

And eventually when to this... :banghead: :banghead:

And then... :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

You'll see it at SoCalEuro Big GTG Caravan. :thumbup:

New picture will be up after the event, please check for pictures. :poke:

Have a great weekend! :thumbup:
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Bernie is such a tease.
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y dont u lower that thing??:hmmm: :biglaugh:
It looks like you removed and filled in the fenders where the turn signals were. How much does all that work cost versus getting the 2005 fenders which didn't have the turn signals?
:thumbup: One of the Sickest Waggies out there.. can't wait to see the finish product :thumbup:
I LOOOVVEE this wagon!!! It is sooo friggin' HOT!!
Except it was missing lower grills and the front end was raised in those pics I seen from Crackheadteck.
and it still looks the same :hmmm::hmmm::hmmm::hmmm::hmmm: :p :p

and it still looks the same :hmmm::hmmm::hmmm::hmmm::hmmm: :p :p

Yah I had some trouble the night before the GTG and didn't get a chance to finish her all up. :banghead: The grills fell off :cry: a few weeks ago. And both my wife and I decided it was time to raise her up (until we get a custom skid plate for the Passat). And also because we will be moving this week into our new place and the complex has 3 unforgiving speed bumps. :nervous: With all that said, untill the car is painted, the Passat is rolling 4x4 stylz till then.

In the previous pictures the car was running Weitec Coilovers, with 12 turns in the front from the bottom and the rear adjustable purch was completely removed.

In this picture below, it's 28-30 turns in the front and I installed the adjustable purch with 16 turns from the bottom. I wanted a little rake and when I set her down from the jack stands, there was deffinte rake. :puke:

Right now, I am sooo in trouble with the wife. While she was watching my 2 girls, I had to raise it all by myself. Maybe I'll let her cruise like this till we are all settled into our new place. But for right now, all I can do is :biglaugh:

Anyways! Have a great week. :thumbup:

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Here is a picture from the cruise down to San Diego. :whistle:
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^^^ Lmao

Thats and Awsome picture my man :thumbup:
i guess thats the only time the Mrs. drives is when it in 4x4 mode :whistle: :biglaugh:
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its her car...

new set up is bomb...damn i missed out on socaleuro..stupid work
Thats and Awsome picture my man :thumbup:
i guess thats the only time the Mrs. drives is when it in 4x4 mode :whistle: :biglaugh:
Ya, that picture is awesome. I wish I can take picture like that. :thumbup:

I hope my wife doesn't see your comment. :whistle: :biglaugh: But they're right, it's my wife's car. She is actually alittle pissed at me for raising it like that, :poke: It's cool. I love my wife and sometimes we like to do things to get on each other nerves. :angel: Actually since the car is in 4x4 mode, she let's me drive it. Normally it's all he, becuase everytime I drive is I always ran over something and what not. Guess who was driving when we lost the bumper grills? :banghead: I just have the worst luck. :crazy:
... She is actually alittle pissed at me for raising it like that, :poke: It's cool...
:confused: my wife wouldve been really happy if i did that :lol: but then again, she's not really into cars.
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