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3 throttle body hoses, where do they go??

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So I am almost done with the head replacement on my 2005 4 motion wagon 1.8t. got all the vacuum hoses (German over engineering is a bit annoying) hooked up, but I'm putting the throttle body back on and the plate that attaches to the under side of the intake manifold that has the electrical connectors to it. There are 3 hoses that come off that thing and I can't for the life of me figure out where 2 of them go. I know one circles back to the small nipple on the intake manifold by the throttle body, but where to the other two go?

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Gotcha, thanks!

Hose #4 is the last one I need to locate where it goes

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Ok, figured out hose #4, however, the connector on the valve/solenoid for the N249 is busted for the turbo connection, so I have to source a new one, I've seen use on Ebay for $15 and new anywhere from $40-110 (vw dealer website), going to hit the junk yard tomorrow (after golf of course) hopefully have some luck there.

Now I still have one hose that I cannot find the connection. coming off that "tree" with the two solenoids under the intake if you look just to the right there is another check valve with a small diameter hose coming off of it, I cannot find where this connects, Looking at my diagram under the hood it looks like it should connect into that "Y" valve somewhere but I can't for the life of me find the connection.

UPDATE: found the connection, I knew it was something simple, that check valve a off the big Y valve has that small connection to it.

Now I just need to get the solenoid replaced and good to go, hopefully.
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