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235/45R17 Wheel size diffrent in US? inches?

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Would size 235/45R17 fit on a b5 99' 1.8T passat? im sorry im new at this but everyone has to start somewhere.
If not im sure there are alternetives


PS: Its a stock passat, no changes have been made yet.

(I also posted this at the Wheel & Tire forum but i dont think the sizes are measured in the same way as in europe)
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hi saito

the most common size for 17s is 225x45 17 but you could check the classifieds for info :thumbup:
hi 225/45-17 is the normal 17" size but a 235/45-17 will measure 9 mm more in total tyre 195/65-15 measures 635 mm and your 235/45-17 will measure 644 mm tall .hope that helps :)
You should not have problems with it, there are gus on Forum with that width and no rubbing probs. Downside is that your speedo will lie
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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