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Hi Guys,

I would have liked to start on a more positive note, but here goes...

I am experiencing problems with my 1999 B5 1.8t APU, REVO. At idle, it runs a little rough (between 760 and 800 rpm) it feels like a misfire, you can feel the car "judder" or "stumble". It gets worse when hot, and sometimes won't to it for 10-20 seconds.

It also does the above if i hold the revs at say 1500 or 2000, juddering or misfireing once every two seconds id say, again, seems to get worse when the cars hot.

I have tried VAG COM on it, no error codes. I have changed the MAF, and replaced the vacuum lines, looked for split hoses, but cant seem to find anything. I have also cleaned the TB, and performed a TB alignment several times with VAG COM, but to no avail.

I have read about the various o2 sensors and coolant temp sensors, but surely this would show an error on VAG COM?

I have checked all the spark plugs, and leads, all seems to be ok. Maybe I should change the plugs?

It has had this judder ever since I bought it, but to start with it would do it literally once a day, so i thought nothing of it; but it has progressively got worse. I would have thought it would show an error code if anything was wrong, but i guess not!

Any ideas what i should do/check next? :(

Thanks for your time.
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