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I have a 2021 Passat R Line. I like the car but I am constantly getting curb rash on the rims. You can say that I need to be more careful, but when you are trying to keep two kids under control in the backseat and going through a fast food drive thru it is almost impossible to not hit the curb. I bought the car because I liked the look of the R Line rims. Driving a car with low profile tires and larger rims was much easier pre kids.
Several questions:

1. Do I go to a new set of larger sidewall tires? There are 19's so there is not a lot of room to play with in the wheel well. There is a lip on the R Line rims which causes it to stick out more on the low profile tires.

2. Do I switch to the 18" SE rims? What do I do with the 19" R Line rims?

3. Do the SE rims have the lip that sticks out from the tires as well?

4. This is completely out of the question but I wanted to throw it out there.
Do I trade in the R Line and get a 2022 SE? I now realize I dont really have a need or care about the Fender system, low profile tires, 19" rims (even though they look cool) and paddle shifters? I only use the shifter on the console anyway.

I know this is alot to throw out there. Thanks in advance for the advice!
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