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I read some of the moderator notes that the B8 is only european and not in North 'Merica so I looked where suggested in wikipedias passat page/post

Ive seen my 2020 R Line referred to as a 7.5 when looking for stuff but reading wiki I seem to be a B7-Generation 2. basically same platform as B7 with Cosmetic Upgrades..

Does that mean pretty much everything else is a B7...from the Super Mod Post it seems so...So does that mean that for the most part the wire harness and other things are the same??

Looking to do some audio stuff and looking to see if my wire harness is the same as the B7 platform. I have to presume so since they added different wheels and changed the bod a bit. So for not I will stop looking in the B8 and look in here.

Just wondering if I look for say suspension or wiring I would be looking at B7 items for fitment. and even thing a b7 bentley manual for no 2020 manuals out yet. I always like to have a serice book for my cars.

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