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I have a 2018 Passat R-line (bought with 7 miles on it), I dont have vibration like you guys have, my issue was suspension wise (squeaks loudly when going over lets say a speed bump or uneven road.) and my car constantly goes out of alignment. This has been happening while my car didnt even have 150 miles on it! They replaced both front suspensions and have done 3 wheel alignments. 3!!!!!!!!!! I need another alignment and tbh I dont give a crap anymore about this pos they made in Tennessee I am not bringing it back in. They cant figure it out and even with the new suspension my squeaks have come back at 1200 miles. Sounds like a really old car that needs new suspension. This is pathetic and horrible. Also have this weird clunk sound when it either shifts a gear, slows down while changing gear or if I tap the gas I can hear the clunk. They said it was all normal. WTF i told them I have 2 other passats, 2002 and a 2013 and none of them ever had any of these problems nor sounds and they still don't and they have many more miles and both were bought used, this is the first passat I bought brand new. They have honestly let the quality go on these once fine cars.
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