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2016 Passat se heat on passenger side only

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Hey guys. Mine has the dual climate control on it. The other day I noticed the air on the driver side was cool and the passenger side was hot. Also the rear was closing cool as well. This morning the car right bent was blowing hot and the left passenger was just a little warm and of course the driver side and rear were blowing cold air. Any ideas??

also a few months ago I noticed that when I would change the air flow to floor that it would not come out of the floor. Also when in defrost mode it will blow out the defrost area but the flow is reduced. I’m not sure if these two things are related or if they are to separate issues. Thank you all for any help and advice.
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Check your PMs.

1) Try a readaption -

2) Diag mode for the MK6 Version - Climatronic Diagnostic Mode Reference Guide
I had a similar issue on my 2016 R-Line. It was blowing super hot on the driver side when set on AC. If you shine a light in the gap under the steering column, toward the middle of the car you'll see a white plastic arm that moves the blend door. I've had luck wiggling that arm back and forth with a metal rod while running the calibration cycle in the video above. Been doing this for almost a year to adapt to temperature changes. It takes a few tries, but always works eventually.
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