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New to this site, but having an issue that I really need help with

My Passat has 88K miles. The symptom is that when cold, the engine idles a little high for about a minute, as designed, then goes to normal idle for a minute or two, then starts to surge for a few minutes, or until the engine temperature reaches about 1/2 way to normal full temperature. After that, the engine idles and runs fine.

Folks have suggested that I replace the plugs and ignition coils, which I have done, but the issue is still there. I can tell the engine idles better, etc... after changing the plugs and ignition coils, but the surging issue remains.

I have a received a check engine light a few times, but not that often. The codes state misfire on all 4 cylinders, and a code for something valve over timing / performance. Since the plug and ignition coil change, no check engine lights or codes since.

Can someone please help me out on what this may be? I appreciate the help. Like I said, after the engines warm, it runs as normal.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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