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Is it worth the price? And does it look impressive enough to you?

Not the sportiest coupe, but it is the comfiest
by Sami Haj-Assaad

“Sportier, more agile, more powerful and more fun.” This is the boast of practically every entry level luxury car released, refreshed or updated each year. Yet, there’s no surprise as to which automaker’s machine sits on the pole position when it comes to sport sedans and coupes.

That car is, of course, BMW’s highly praised 3 Series. It’s recognized as the benchmark in the segment, though recently Audi has taken the fight to its rival with the S4 and S5.

But Mercedes? Year-after-year the C-Class sedan sits just out of the spotlight, watching the main event from the best seat in the house, but as emphasized with the C-Class Coupe we have here, that’s not always a bad place to be.

With the C-Class Coupe, the brand takes the entry-level sport sedan and chops off the rear doors, offering a similar driving feel in a more attractive package and lines it up next to the wide range of other entry-level luxury coupes from BMW, Audi, Cadillac and Infiniti.

In 2013, the C-Class Coupe still won’t be giving the competition night-terrors when it comes to sporty credentials, but maybe the rest of the segment can learn a thing or two from Mercedes about how a car needs to act when it comes to delivering a luxurious and refined ride.
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