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Dealer is quoting me $627 to replace. I have the goodwill package credit so I was already in there to get those activated.

Have the clicking/clunking while turning the steering wheel while parked. Wife took the car in so I didn't get a chance to look at it.

I am pretty mechanical, have owned and worked on land rovers. I have also rebuilt a couple of 65-66 mustangs from the ground up. I can't do everything myself, but I'm not scared of much.

My question is should I just have them do it because this is a real PITA job or am I getting ripped off? (i.e. $80 worth of parts, 6 pack of beer, and 2-3 hour type job) Car is in the shop now, so quick advice is welcomed.

Also, on my AC. Driver side takes longer than passenger to cool down. Dealer said it was potentially an actuator not opening up the vents at the same time. Said they would have to plug it up to diagnostics (i.e. computer) and just plugging in the machine would be ~$100.

Looking for some advice. I'm new the VW's.

TIA and I look forward to contributing more once I learn these cars a bit.

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diagnostic time for $100 is cheap and awesome. we charge $160 here at mercedes. (i work for mercedes)

understand that it's not just plugging up the machine, but the technician actually DIAGNOSING the actuator and system via a series of guided output tests.
if an advisor states "plugging the machine up" he needs to be shot. it's the technician working to solve the problem.

now, personally speaking, i would save that $600 and do it myself. use that credit towards some ind of upgrade like the fog light kit if you don't already have it, or something like that.

DIY this job. save your money.

also, when i was at hyundai we had a deal with the linkage of the steering assist motor on the steering columns having a worn out bushing create a clunking noise when turning the wheel left to right. i would have them show you how they came to that decision.
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