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It's always a learning experience with a brand new car. ;)

I just found out while clearing ice and slush from around the base of my windshield that you can NOT raise the wiper blade arms more than a couple of inches before they contact the hood. It is not possible to stand the wiper blades straight up like most cars. While this design may improve aerodynamics and assist my TDI in achive such amazing fuel mileage, it kind of sucks for cleaning and clearing off your windshield. Opening up the hood is the only way to get at this area.
So.... for owners who have to live through a winter season, use caution if slush freezes around your wiper blades. Do Not use your wipers if their bases are covered in ice until your defroster has started to melt things a bit.

The reason for the CAUTION is just to keep you from possibly damaging your wiper mechanisms or the paint on your hood.
I still really love this automobile
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